Sanghi Industries Limited (SIL) vigorously pursue its goal of Sustainable Development through exacting standards in maximizing energy efficiency, environmental conservation & emission controls, Promotion of alternative fuel and raw materials & waste management, Safety and knowledge advancement and Promotion of sustainable community development.

For SIL, sustainability is about balancing economic success, environmental stewardship and social progress to benefit all our stakeholders. SIL has launched a series of sustainability objectives overtime. The objectives designed to strengthen the company’s environmental, health and safety, social, human rights and security performance and ways to improving sustainability performance in the supply chain. These objectives reflect SIL’s sustainability priorities across the full range of business processes.

Sustainable Development Cell:

A high level team of Executives called Sustainable Development Cell
is in place at SIL. Lead directly by our Executive Director, it comprise representatives from key function areas relating to the pillars of sustainable development. A core group of SD Cell was also set up at Corporate Level and mandated to advise the SD Cell from time to time.

To sum it all....this is how we build a better state, strong India and a clean-green world, not just by manufacturing cement but also by human approach. At Sanghi, we believe that the future is already concrete....