OPC 53

Ordinary Portland Cement – OPC53 & OPC43
With strict adherence to International Quality Standards, Sanghi Cement has evolved into a name that stands for long-lasting, durable and high strength construction. The unique benefits of Sanghi OPC are:

  • High Strength Development at all ages
  • High Fineness
  • Low Heat of Hydration
  • Low C3A Content
  • Low Chloride Content
  • Low Alkali Content


Portland Pozzolana Cement
Sanghi PPC confirms to the IS 1489
(Part I):1991, Portland Pozzolana Cement standards and is Eco-friendly cement. The unique benefits by using SANGHI PPC Eco-Friendly Cement are:

  • Increased Long Term Strength
  • Low Heat of Hydration
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Increased workability and reduces water demand
  • Reduced Permeability
  • Improved surface finish


Portland Slag Cement

Sanghi PSC confirms to the IS 455: , Portland Slag Cement standards. It offers following unique benefits that results in long lasting construction in the Saline and Sulphated land:

  • Improves the properties of Fresh Concrete
  • Improves Concrete Strength and Elastic Modulus
  • Reduces Permeability and Corrosion
  • Improves Resistance to Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
  • Mitigate sulphate attack
  • Reduce Heat and Cracking in Mass Concrete
  • Increase life cycle of Structure


RMC – Ready Mix Concrete (Sanghi RMX)

Branded as Sanghi RMX and located at Ahmedabad and Rajkot, all RMC plants are fully automated with state-of-art-technology. The Company is adopting best practices in ready mix concrete for homes, offices, hospitals, factories, road, bridges, tunnels and dams. Sanghi RMX offers following benefits:

  • Durable and of consistent high quality
  • provide excellent structural performance
  • Automated Batching System minimize human errors & assures perfect compliance in mix design.
  • Quality Control in every process till on-site delivery.

Financial Corner




Consumer Care Center

At Sanghi Cement, we have a deep sense of customer orientation. Our customer focussed Value Added Services acknowledge the same. To ensure best in class customer service and education, we have established strategically located Consumer Care Centers (CCCs) across our markets in all major cities. These CCCs are equipped with well trained engineers and support staff to aid customers in their dream construction projects. These trained professionals provide solutions to Construction related queries ranging from Selection of plot through Raw Material Procurement, Reliable Contractor / Connect till final completion of a construction. It is aimed to be a one-stop-solution hub for all construction requirements.

Shakti Rath

Shakti Rath

‘Shakti Rath’ is an Ultramodern Mobile Concrete Testing Laboratory operated by our trained engineers for on demand – onsite concrete testing. With utmost conviction of the quality, Sanghi Cement pioneered this concept of onsite concrete testing in India As part of our Value Add Services, we operate such Shakti Raths in most major cities and towns in Gujarat and Rajasthan states. This service aims to help customers determine the quality and reliability of the material procured and take an informed decision.

Anyone can avail this service at the tap of a phone call.