At SIL, we have constituted a separate Centralized Environment Management Committee for quantifying, accounting and abatement in CO2 emission program. The committee practice ISO:14064-1:2006 and IPCC guideline for Carbon footprint analysis. Direct and indirect CO2 emission is being monitored throughout the product cycle.

The company has adopted the strategy of reducing the specific CO2 emissions intensity by focusing on the following major levels:

  • Thermal and electrical energy efficiencies
  • Adopting energy efficient technologies
  • Adopting best operational techniques
  • Improving Clinker Factor
  • Increasing the usage of Alternative Fuel & Raw Materials (AFR)
  • Improvement in clinker factor
  • Waste heat recovery & utilization


CO2 Emission - MT CO2 / MT Cement


The company is committed for further 5% reduction in specific CO2 emission by 2021