Work Culture

Sanghi Industries Limited is a leading Cement company of Western India and manufacture and sell cement with brand name – Sanghi Cement. Having its operations in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Mumbai and Cochin, the company is one of the most preferred company for employment. We have a robust and merit based HR framework in place that helps our Company to acquire best of the talent from across the globe and create an employee growth centric environment. At Sanghi Industries Limited, we strongly believe that our employees are the most integral part of the Company’s Growth.

Sanghi Industries provides a cohesive work environment for all its employees, It actively identify the high potential talents within the organization and ensure to provide them best of the learning and development through regular on-site / off-site trainings, formal on the job coaching and workshops. Sanghi Industries Ltd. is proud to be associated with the industry's who's who and India's top notch consultants who are always available for expert advice.

Along with superior work environment and growth opportunities, Sanghi Industries also believe in a proper work-life balance. The company regularly organize family bonding activities like Founder’s Day event, Picnics, Anand Mela etc and actively celebrate all major Indian festivals with the employees and their families. The Company is committed to stay with each of its employee in all happy and testing times.

Finally, Sanghi Industries Limited is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a fair and equitable recruitment process. We do not bias any candidate on the basis of religion, caste, creed, color whatsoever. Each applicant is assessed against predetermined criteria and the person best matching the same is selected. Our employee strength exceeds 650 consisting of heterogeneous people from different cultures, educational background and experience.

Exciting opportunities are available in cement industry and we plan to tap them aggressively. Our growth generates a constant demand for an excellent and growing human resource. We are always looking for individuals with sound business and people skills.

If you have functional proficiency, business acumen, quality consciousness, systematic thinking, result orientation and excellent communication skills, then you are the right person to work with.

If you have courage in challenges, persistence despite hardship, passion for innovation, a personal commitment to work, teamwork attitude and integrity, then you are the right person to work with.