Water Conservation

Water Resource Management, Low Cost Treatment & Reuse Technology

To cope with the acute scarcity of water, and to meet the water requirements for different agricultural and horticultural activities in the area, the company has constructed four check dams with a total capacity of about 1.5 million m3 near its plant location. The people from neighboring villages use this water for different purposes like irrigation, cattle feed, domestic consumption etc. The company has also installed a desalination plant of 5500 m3/ day.This water is used for drinking in 83 surrounding villages.

The company has also been active on implementing various water conservation techniques in the arid areas of Kutch. The company regularly converts the mined pits in to water storage reservoirs. Apart from check dams and the reservoirs, company has constructed many percolation ponds, surface storage tank and farm ponds ( Khet Talavadis) to recharge the deeper aquifer in the jadva limestone mines.

To ensure optimum usage and reuse of the waste water, company uses drip irrigation method to water the greenbelt developed. All the sewage generated from the residential colony, administrative building, guesthouse, and other places is collected and treated by Root Zone Technology System (RZTS). The treated water thus generated is being reused for gardening, developing green belt and cultivating vegetables. The wastewater treatment system adapted to treat 250 m3 of domestic wastewater is well acknowledged by various private and government agencies. The treatment is a zero cost technology that produces very good quality treated water. As water is scarce in the region, the treatment technology is being promoted to implement in small dimensions to treat and reuse the sewage and domestic wastewater in the nearby villages.