Rain Water Harvesting :

At SIL, we have taken a unique initiative of converting our Mined Pits to water reservoirs. The entire rain water of the region is diverted and stored in these pits. The same is used to cater to the requirements of the entire plant and the nearby villages. We have developed a total water storage capacity to the tune of 75 Lakh KL of water, which is sufficient to cater to water requirements of the plant and nearby villages for 3 consecutive years. We are proud to be a net water surplus company.

Further, to cope with the acute scarcity of water, and to meet the water requirements for different agricultural and horticultural activities in the area, the company has constructed four check dams with a total capacity of about 1.5 million m3 near its plant location. The people from neighboring villages use this water for different purposes like irrigation, cattle feed, domestic consumption etc.

Water Conservation :

A Separate Centralized Water Conservation Cell is constituted to handle issues related to water consumption accounting and Conservation program. The company has taken first step of creating a water management plan to measure water consumption and set some tangible targets area / function-wise. It has installed meters and taking regular readings to identify potential areas for conservation. The company carries out regular water audit on regular basis to know where the major water consumption is and where savings can be made by adopting newer technology, best practices, installing water saving devices / equipments and operational optimization. The Company communicates commitment to water reduction and the subsequent objectives and goals to all employees. The company has taken following steps to reduce water consumption.

  1. Metering and monitoring – Online monitoring

  2. Creating awareness on water conservation through training programs

  3. Information dissemination through intranet

  4. 100% Drip irrigation system for gardening and green belt development

  5. Water recycling

    • Utilization of RO / DM / Boiler reject water for plantation

    • Achieved zero discharge through 100% recycling

  1. Installation of auto sensor to minimize water wastage

  2. Enhancement in sea water cooling tower Cycle Of Concentration (COC) from 1.3 to 1.48

  3. Process optimization through air balance to conserve water

  4. Assimilation of advancement in spray technology

  5. Monitoring of leakage / wastage and prompt corrective action

  6. water recycling and usage in for harvesting by Root Zone Treatment system (RZTS)